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Look back at our history and try to remember the way people past tense of fashion. Depth look at all the times we will not, and fast forward to 20-30 years ago. At that time people had no idea about the well-known in worldwide brands such as levi's and others. However, not that of the popular world brands, but all about fashion had a pretty vague idea. If we consider that Soviet citizens were taught that the book – the best of all existing gifts, you can do to a conclusion. And on top of that, I remember when it was decided not to stand out.

Things are sold in department stores a huge party, so, raising their own industry, they went all women are the same as men. Certainly, some fashion trends were and then. However, compared to the present time, they can be called undistinguished. The most popular cotton and silk. Not the widest range, of course. It should be noted that, nevertheless, these tissues were qualitatively and natural.

By the end of 80 years, during , the country emerged denim boom, and became a popular clothing made of synthetic materials. Not too elegant and uniform style – these were then jeans. However, after some time has been a change for the better: the opening of the Iron Curtain thousands of merchants'chelnokov 'rushed for goods to Turkey, so that became popular in our flea markets were filled with fashionable 'varenkami' and all kinds of clothing. Arose cooperatives for the production of clothing. Now, women's wear was much more diverse. But with all of this, a significant drawback of this group was the quality of goods. Turkish things though they were bright and beautiful, but the qualitative characteristics of suffering. It took not much time for people to understand that Clothing should be not only beautiful but also qualitative: professionally produced, of good material. And now, to buy a good quality thing has spread worth more than the cheapest markets, especially when it is important to you and untwisted name. Of course, it's not talking about things of value with three zeros in dollar terms. But there are companies that deserve respect and our approval, for example, zara. Although prices are quite high, but quite affordable for the middle class. Choose now is from what – are popular all over the world and little-known company, things at different levels of affluence, the variety of models and styles, kinds of texture materials, etc. Now we have formed a clear idea of what 'fashion'. And it's not a book for a gift, but precisely because it can gather a lot of useful information about fashion.


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