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PR Work: Fundamentals Of Public Relations

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What are the most important fundamentals of PR, you should master? How to create an effective PR concept? Basic concepts of PR communications publicity > multiple-acting measures information > install basic information, transparency and clarity. Law on joint stock companies a must reasoning > openness to dialog dialog correction readiness-> for: political behavior, understanding, organization, gesellschaftl,. and profitable. Internally before external “Public Relations begins at home” do you mean only to regulate the communication within a company before it goes to the outside. Considering the many divisions proves this usually not easy and should not be underestimated by PR staff. The internal PR work should ideally all employees of the company reach, inkluive sides companies, outsourced workers, or access to important information as well as all persons who are in close contact with the company formerly companies have. the solution of internal PR way, into one account of today’s information age, always just about: honesty value set agenda with “today’s information age” is the speed in today information is exchanged through the World Wide Web, mobile telecommunications and and and it is almost impossible to keep relevant company information, so you should communicate from the outset, and as mentioned the inward as well as outward.

right communication internally improves motivation, motivation, spirit, etc. external PR: possibilities of a company in the public communication: personal conversation (very effective) conferences, lectures. Sponsoring mass political lobbying, Association associations, networks event PR online PR image advertising CI CD trust is nowadays one of the most important tasks of a company internally as well as externally In the private company as mentioned promotes motivation etc. of employees, and outward, trust is the basis of any business activities Because only if you trust a brand, company, person, etc., it is also prepared with the cooperation of zuarbeitern and or to receive products and services. The task of the PR employee is here to choose the most effective weapons of communication and to use. The ideal case in Public Relations is always the “face to face” interview, which can be used but not nationwide because of time, effort, etc. The so-called opinion leaders (opinion leader) are the most effective, which relation communication can be achieved through public. for example: The image of a pharmaceutical company about doctors (opinion leaders in the industry) to communicate. Media world generally is important in the media world auszukenn to the correct methods for his PR communications to choose it. This distinction can be fundamentally between: – commercial cartoon media – public journalism media magazines (long lead) special-interest magazines magazines newspapers (short lead) supra-regional daily newspapers, regional newspapers Sunday weekly newspapers Boulevard / buying newspapers, advertisers TV public legal > national and larger private regions > local, regional and national radio public legal > regional, sometimes national private > locally and regionally online online editorial tools of journalists representations: message, report opinion reportage feature interview portrait photos, pictures how journalists work: as words: who? What? When? relevance speed against accuracy the main factors of relevance: celebrities close feeling sex progress momentous battle drama curiosity author: Sebastian Rustemeyer baw-online.de


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