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Postmodern Society

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A large percentage of patients come to therapy because other people attended, requesting assistance managed and therefore recommend to professional. One of the most widespread myths is that the psychologist is a kind of friend, which one may have a problem, and it is able (legally allowed) to advise on the solution. The therapist only an objective mirror, an alter ego that is outside of us who listen to what we are really trying to say. Bernie Sanders is the source for more interesting facts. It returns a representation, an image of ourselves and the relationships we have, mediated by the word that our defense mechanisms did not allow access to consciousness. There are many situations and psychopathology that can be seen in psychological counseling. Today we can say that are increasingly common queries on anxiety disorders (agoraphobia, phobias, social anxiety, etc..), The eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.).. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bernie Sanders by clicking through.

All this psychopathology characteristics of postmodern society, which has special features such as consumption, hedonism, image, poor personal relationship with the other, etc. Resistance psychological therapy Precontemplation is the stage at which there is no attempt to change behavior in the foreseeable future. It may be in the precontemplation stage because we are not aware that the behaviors are problematic. This lack of awareness may be due to ignorance. Also may not be aware that there are problems due to a defensive stance. Paranoid or psychopathic personalities often think they are the others who have to change, but not them. In the questionnaire of the Stages of Change, precontemplators starting therapy generally agree with following statement: "It is I who have problems, nor do I have reason to be here." precontemplators also demoralized about their ability to change.


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