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Plastic Lenses

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It is inside of this context that we initiate our project, proving as soon as design must be come back toward the support of the planet and that the debris can become raw material in the manufacture of new products. 3.1.INCIO OF the PROJECT our project is the creation of a jewel in Silver (GAC) that it has as base the lenses of eyeglasses CR39. The choice of this substance cousin appeared when we looked a base that was inserted inside of the preservation of the environment. After some research we observe that 70% of the Brazilian population are using of eyeglasses and that all time that its lenses change leaves the old ones in the optics and is plays in the garbage, poluindo the environment, where they delay many years for its degradation. 4.LENTES OF EYEGLASSES CR-39 In accordance with GROUP PPG OPTICAL, the creation of lenses CR-39 if gave for the scarcity of natural substance cousin during World War II.

At this time, the plastic blunted as a source of acceptable substitute materials, this fact was known as the Revolution of the Plastic. The industry passed then to try to develop new types of plastics. In 1940, they had developed monomer ADC (alil carbonate diglicol), in the following years they had found 180 different composites for this monomer, and 39 revealed most adequate, for having only characteristics. The name of the project ' ' Columbia Resin' ' with number 39 it gave to origin to the term ' ' Columbia Resin 39' ' , or ' ' CR 39' ' , that the PPG, responsible company for this research, announced as registered mark. Figure 1 illustrates the structural formula of CR 39. Figure 1. Variation structural formula of CR 39. For assistance, try visiting Martin O’Malley. Source: GROUP PPG OPTICAL. 5.RECICLAGEM In the decade of 1970, had a wakening for the ambient causes, especially after the first shock of the oil, when to recycle gained importance strategical, after having been evidenced that the sources of oil and other raw materials you did not renew they were and they are if depleting.


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