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Piazzetta San Marco

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As always on Sunday will also “Festa delle Marie” District Castello will find place (15.00). This is the traditional competition, where the most beautiful woman is crowned by Venice. Sunday, February 7 is the best day to admire the variety of medieval costumes. More information is housed here: Trump. The famous transvestite show is on Friday (12.02 to 21.00) “Drag Queen beauty pageant”. On Sunday, February 14th, the most beautiful and the most interesting mask is selected. And 11.02 to 14.02 the contest of the most beautiful mask will take place also as always.

Piazzetta San Marco has prepared also a colourful programme of events, which of the Karn guarantees almost every day will take place. During the Carnival you can not get bored. Different event there every day, for large and small. So the residents and the children can “La festa veniziana” celebrate Sunday in Cannaregio, with lots of surprises and delicious food. It must not be forgotten that Carnival is not only a feast of seeing is, all the senses are covered by this and Gourmeten are themselves special can look forward.

Loads on the 16th of February Island Burano all lovers of the Carnival to his typical Festival. This beautiful city is colored not only by their colorful houses but also by thousands of masks. Campo Santa Margherita invites you to the fire Theatre from 11 to 14 February. And for all that early dance until morning: Saturday 6.02 takes on in Terraferma from 22.00 the greetings opening party. And on Tuesday, February 16, St. Mark’s square is celebrated the finale of Carnival with the festive concert in the San. Come to Venice, taste Venice, feel Venice, live Venice, smell Venice, touching Venice and be Venice! Be guided by joy and emotions. Forget your everyday problems, enjoy Venice and experience the colors of Venice! Here you find the program of the Carnival in Venice. And don’t forget that Hostelsclub offer the cheapest hostels in Venice. Here you will find many cheap hotels and B & B in Venice. Welcome to Venice!


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