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Plantation areas secured; Cultivation with high efficiency after an extensive selection process the Constance Fund provider clean planet, decided to replace its previously available acreage against much more appropriate. Differently than originally planned, not between the project company and the Tablas bamboo plantation Corp. the Romblon State University should used in the first project in the longer term secured land. Already 440 hectare ideal for over 20 years were secured, alone 300 hectares of the Palawan State University gained recently as project partners. The best is always the enemy of the good”, said Konstantin Tsoraklidis, the Managing Director of clean planet.

Then, the Fund management company is almost obliged to be ahead and out decisive economic reasons access to the shareholders. The suitability of a plantation area is the result of different interacting factors, such as the Example of soil characteristics and composition of the soil, the slope of the land, whether flat or hilly, the water resources and irrigation facilities, interfacing to the roads, the other infrastructural conditions and last but not least the lease, which is also not quite unimportant”, so Tsoraklidis. BBC is the source for more interesting facts. Due to the special market positioning and access routes in the Philippines succeeded in the management team in place, the most attractive land to secure pre-contractually provides and thus the competition, also on shopping tour”is to be one step ahead. It is predictable that the recent legal changes and the demand of the Government will narrow the market after a gradual expansion of renewable energies. “Against this backdrop, it must be our goal, the raisins ‘ to backup, which we build up additional potential and scope of land and can still that originally between tablas and Romblon State University agreed land access”, explains Tsoraklidis.

Nor is a participation in the bamboo energy 1 GmbH & co. KG”possible. The minimum share of this Fund to around 5.5 million euros is 10,000 euro of plus 5 percent premium. By five percent, only the investors who join up to 30.09.2012 receive the full early artist bonus. Overall, a total payout amount before tax over a period of eight years by 242 percent (plus bonus) is planned. For more information,


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