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When a patient presents to the query with the Otolaryngologist showing symptoms of buzzing in ears, beeps or sounds similar to a waterfall, he meets for the first time words such as tinnitus and tinnitus. These are not neither more nor less than the names with which medicine defines disease that has symptoms mentioned above. Tinnitus and tinnitus may occur spontaneously and disappear after a short time, or it can become a chronic condition that significantly affect the daily lives of those who suffer it generating problems such as lack of concentration, dizziness, problems sleeping (since the symptoms are intensified in silence) and intense emotional changes. This pathology can also occur in one ear (unilateral) or both simultaneously (bilateral) the envelope exposure to intense noise for long periods of time, ear infections, injuries, age and the ear infections, are among the most common causes. This disease affects millions of people in the world and in recent years has increased among the younger population as a consequence of exposure to intense sounds that we face every day in the modern world. When you talk about tinnitus and tinnitus, can not say that there is a single treatment to cure it. Each of them depends on the causes that led to it and the patient in particular. Both traditional medicine and alternative therapies, have focused the goal of treatments in learning to live with tinnitus, eliminate the cause resulting in them, and try to relieve discomfort-causing the symptoms thus, elevating the quality of life of patients. In some cases, this decline eventually leads to the disappearance of symptoms and, consequently, to the disappearance of the disease. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.


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