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Every business is based on an idea, that idea can from others, you don’t have to be totally original. It is difficult to generate an idea different in a world where it seems that everything is invented. Aware of a subtlety, especially that help improve what is already known, can help you focus your business in such a way that give you a competitive advantage over the competition. It is always possible to find a new idea, but we must strive. We can not put ourselves in front of a sheet of paper and put us to write under the order now writes a great idea.

It will not work because we are not machines. Although under pressure that we want to program us to think about something new and original, it is possible that this idea comes to mind in a way instantaneous, without knowing how has come and direct of the subconscious. But there it is and is ours. The idea you can get inspired. In a world where we are continually bombarding with advertising and news, it is sometimes difficult to put to think about things differently to how you have been doing for years. In the routine of the every day, I am not mistaken much if I say that 95% of our thoughts have already had them the previous day. We have so much inertia to make things, which our thoughts get carried away by the inertia of our actions.

In this way we will always be in the same circle of thoughts. Unless we stop to think and ask ourselves why it is done so? You try to write your new ideas whenever you can. Don’t leave this task to your memory, because you’ll end up losing details that may be important. Will you go you realizing party that you can reach out to take to your ideas. And then you can test your idea. If you manage ideas properly and not let that she loss, it is very possible that in a few months surprised, yourself, big projects that you have to take. The ideas are to be found, we must educate our minds to do so. Learning to observe things, not to see them. So we think things out of the box, from another perspective. You will be surprised how different and original that you can be. And you can set up a business with many possibilities of success.


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