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Online Advent Calendar On JOBMIXER.com

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At Christmas time the applicant portal has come up with something JOBMIXER.com an online advent calendar. Leipzig, November 27, 2008 – at Christmas time the applicant portal has come up with JOBMIXER.com something an online advent calendar. “Through the participation of the partners Tue kind of photo, job or flop, PersonalMarkt as well as the Leipziger student help GmbH & co. KG and the business partners APRIORI business solutions AG, Beck houses staff + lure gifts related to the subject application and career solutions, Debeka, ePages Software GmbH, HORBACH economic Consulting AG and TowerConsult GmbH”: applicant advice, application sets, professional application creation, application solution check, turning a BewerberClips or rhetoric courses and content analyses as the ideal basis for job interviews. But that’s not all: with the now perfect CV participants on vacancies may apply, in addition to the gifts to verlosenden also hiding behind the door of the business partner. The Online advent calendar is on the Web site of the initiator JOBMIXER.com as a finding on which all participating companies. To take part, it is only necessary to click on one of the sites, to open the door with the correct date and to get the gift. All participants end up in Los pot, which then the respective winner is determined and notified by email..


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