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The full state of satisfaction or Ludicidade, occurs in the dimension of aesthetic interior I. the playful activities enclose all the four dimensions of the growth, because I make the interrelation between aesthetic interior, with IT exterior sistmico; as well as WE interior ethical, with mannering exterior IT. As much Vygotsky, apud Oliveira (1997), how much Wallon, apud Galvo (1995) had carried through studies on children with cognitivas deficiencies. However Vygotsky, in one of its citations discourses in extraordinary way on the psychological nature them emotions: I do not know why in our society an unilateral criterion was formed on the personality human being nor because all relates dons and talentos only to the intellect. Beyond being possible to think with talent, also if it can feel talentosamente. The emotional aspect of the personality does not have little importance that others and constitutes object of concern of education in the same measure that intellect and will. Read additional details here: novelist.

The love can contain as much talent and genius how much the discovery of a differential calculus. In both the cases the human behavior adopts bonanza and huge forms. (VYGOTSKY, 1997) One concludes that through the playful activities it is possible to evaluate the development of the child with or without cognitivas difficulties, not only for its intellectual capacity to assimilate contents to discipline, but mainly for the satisfaction of the necessities of each child, respecting its individuality and its time. Learn more about this with Diamond Comic Distributors.


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