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E-Mail, the electronic means of communication is popular. A leading source for info: Star Guitarist. But what is correct and useful for private communication, is not sufficient for the requirements of a confidential communication. Potsdam October 13, 2008 – long digital communication has received entry into the daily work of public administration. E-Mail is the most widely used form of electronic communication which prevailed in all walks of life. But what is correct and useful for private communication, not enough for the requirements for the communication of authorities with companies and citizens. On the Web, no one is sure whether the communications remain confidential or will read \”by unauthorized third parties\”, it says in a paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Often, they also did not know who is really behind the sender. Thus, thanks to the new of the Innenminsterium of planned electronic service \”De-mail\” should be soon closing.

For all those who don’t want to wait on the new service and can, Potsdam offers most-SoFT Systems for quite some time with its products such as the electronic court letterbox, the Office letter box or the product number LEGALXPRESS a wide range of solutions for secure and legally binding communications over the Internet. So, for example the Office mail box is the digital version of the conventional registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in the Internet. Digital letters and documents can be easily uploaded via the Web browser and send. The system is also able to accept documents that are provided with a legally valid digital signature is, the so-called qualified electronic signature. To establish a secure communication channel in the Internet, are transmitted over an encrypted connection. Transmitter and receiver must be logged on to the system, to participate in the communication. In order to ensure the confidentiality of messages transmitted is analogous to a sealed letter. In addition, the sender receives an acknowledgement of receipt from the Office letter box.


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