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Nordic Rail 2009: SMA And HaCon Take Course On Northern Europe

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HCon present train planning system TPS as an innovative system for timetable construction and manual Hanover. The railway issue is so complex that it requires the cooperation of all stakeholders from politics, business and industry. They all come together on the Nordic rail. Therefore the Swiss SMA AG and HCon use this trade fair as a common platform, to present their latest developments at a joint exhibition stand from 6 to 8 October 2009 in southern Sweden Jonkoping. HCon will present the innovative train planning system TPS for timetable construction and manual. So that schedules can be created, reviewed and evaluated each taking into account the special requirements of the manual in Europe. Meanwhile, the field ranging from in the disposition of TPS. While users in addition to real-time information get additional features that support their disposition.

Focus of the presentation by TPS on the Nordic rail is its interaction with Viriato SMA. The system of the Swiss among other things used by many European railways to create supply and operational concepts. Carriers can maximize the synergies generated by the interaction of the two systems, the partners offer interfaces, to accept and process data from Viriato for TPS. Short-term scheduling made easy by TPS, which is interesting in particular for short-term planning within 48 hours, as a further innovation, real-time information be integrated into TPS. With interfaces of standard UIC 407-1 and TAF/TSI, scheduler in addition to the exact position of the trains to disponierenden experience accompanying data. This includes technical information to trains and cargo, or details on construction sites, as well as signal interference. Thus, TPS optimally covers the entire operational planning process.

You can experience how users with TPS track capacity manage and optimally to regulate construction company train, also live on the Nordic rail. Railway in Scandinavia and the Baltic States meet on the now main exhibition around the theme Companies and organizations, in order to inform themselves about the newest developments in the industry and to exchange experiences. Since 1995, the number of visitors of the fair with seminar program on more than 4,800 have doubled. 2007 236 exhibitors from 19 countries on the 6.380-square-meter area came together.


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