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Niccolo Machiavelli

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Machiavelli begins this chapter of Prince saying that every Prince should appear, it is different to be gracious to his subjects, although without forgetting prevent against twisted this leniency applications; Sometimes, the cruelty of the Prince saves the Kingdom while clemency can encourage pestilent and contempt power. Why affirms Machiavelli that an excess of clemency, at times, encourages more suffering for the people and the Prince that the naked cruelty. For this reason, when you try to keep unity and loyalty of the Kingdom the Prince should not worry by strikethrough of cruel, since making a good use of cruelty towards leaders rioters or those who support them will prevent a greater cruelty such as continuity of strife, unrest and prey. The new princes, by the weakness of its position, cannot escape the fame of cruel if they want to preserve their kingdoms. Cruelty, however, should not lack of prudence. If the Prince fed imaginary fears or comes with brutality his power becomes intolerable and the Prince encouraged the rebellion with its inhuman behaviour. Although it is desirable that the Prince is loved and feared, that these two feelings go together is not easy.

For this reason the Prince must ensure first loved and feared, because the fear is not opposed to love, but to the contempt, but if this is not possible should try to be earlier feared than beloved. This is because men are fickle: If benefit them you will love, and when you do not need anything will provide everything; When you can not benefit them and need your support, you will not know. Because men are faithful in abundance and selfish in need. Men are perverse and easily broken ties of gratitude, however the fear of punishment never abandons them at all. As I said, for Machiavelli are not the same fear and hatred.

In fact, if the Prince can not be loved and feared at the same time, should try to, at least, be feared but not hated. Promotes hate acting in a high-handed manner, running without justification, stealing alien women and rapinando the wealth of minions. We remind that for Machiavelli hatred is the hotbed of rebellions, so the Prince to prevent them must act as humanely as possible knowing, also, show firmness and cruelty at times precise and punctual. In military operations, says Machiavelli, the Prince should not fear the fame of cruel. The fear of death in battle accompanies troop, only fear the Prince can compensate this fear and make it faithful. In short: as men love according to his will and fear according to the will of the Prince, a wise Prince should support what is theirs and not in what is another. Original author and source of the article.


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