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Nervous System

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Because of the controversy affected the nervous system – is a decrease in immunity – bacteria make their way inside, are suppressed zone (throat) – and bam … a cold! 🙂 To go with the through life, to be 'of its wave', to think positively, to become a highly person needs to know their true desires and goals! Only then will we be where we need to be. For this purpose, a practice of meditation. You can start himself, but is much easier when you are prompt in the right direction. Dr. Mark Hyman addresses the importance of the matter here. It is advisable to participate in group meditations, but in the right company and location of the positively charged energy. Continue the discussion aspect of the longevity.

At every joint and spine are the chakras – it bundles of energy, energy vortexes that make up the shell of a person. Yoga focus on joint flexibility, and thus to maintain the energy the human body. With age, the loss of physical activity (although this is not the only reason), and malnutrition weaken the joints. Here begins the age … your life – it's your choice. Everyone deserves health. I will glad if someone will join me to develop my body and spirit "- Zarechneva Daria – yoga instructor at Home club.

Doing yoga, one tries to align the physiological and psychological balance of body and mind, learning to manage your body and can relax when necessary, and "join" when it is necessary to move to action. If you decide to do yoga, one of the most important factors in your decision to do yoga, is the choice of instructor. Look for it by trial and error, and no recommendations will not be able to play a decisive role in his choice. After all, even the most experienced instructor you can not feel comfortable. The main role is played by your personal feelings on the pace of lessons, the method of teaching. All this affects the efficiency of practice. But if you find my instructor, yoga will change your life!


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