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Munich-based Human Rights Organization Criticized Islamists

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Catholic Faculty of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich makes Islamists on the 60th anniversary of the UN human rights map the German section of inter-denominational Christian human rights organisation Christian Solidarity International (CSI) at the 8.12. the persons in charge of the Benedict Foundation urged to rethink their strategy of dialogue with supporters of terrorism in the Iran. The Benedict Foundation should use their influence on the Catholic Theological Faculty of the LMU to draw attention to the serious human rights violations against Christians and converts. Written responsible of Benedict Foundation: Eberhard von Gemmingen SJ Alois Gluck Dr. Michael Stingl Dr. More information is housed here: Malkia Cyril. Thomas by Maina Collan Alexa Kunsberg Prof.

Dr. Dr. Matthias Beck Dr. Eberhard Busek Abt Barnabas Badamasuiy OSB Dr. Christoph Bohr MdL Prof. Dr.

Hanna Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz Dr. Guido Heinen Abt army Eman by Zuydtwyck Gregor Henckel Donnersmarck OCist Johannes von Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp Prof. em. Dr. Ludwig Modl Prof. Dr. Michael Rutz Prof. Dr. Walter Salazar Prof. Dr. Jorg Splett Prof. Dr. Dieter Stolte Prof. Dr. mult. Hans Tietmeyer urged this CSI in a letter to the person in charge of the Benediktusstiftung, before beginning a dialogue with Iranian speakers, on the capacity of your dialogue to examine them. Each of the dialogue partners must following engage in order to qualify as such: that Christians in the Iran may practise their religion, as Muslims also legal equality of converts the distancing to the tabled Bill (death penalty for converts) are, according to the CSI, minimum requirements for common positions, without the dialogue cannot take place. Thomas p. major publicity CSI Germany according GmbH CSI background: 30 years ago ‘ 000 went on in Switzerland 15 Christians the road. A Baptist from the former Soviet Union, who was arrested several times because of his faith gave them cause. With church services and They demonstrated Schweigemarschen in Zurich and Bern, for all the people who were oppressed for their religious beliefs. Donations, which came together to cover their expenses, far exceeded the demand so that the Zurich Pastor Bruce Stuckelberger founded on 15 April 1977 CSI. CSI stands for “Christian Solidarity International”. CSI is a non-denominational organization of human rights for persecuted Christians and other victims of oppression, for disaster victims and the needy children. CSI wants to help with his work, that all the people of freedom can live and freely practice their faith.


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