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Muhammad Monument

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During the year 2011, the architectural complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife was the most visited monument in the entire Spanish territory, achieving more than two million visitors. Unprecedented figures. But most importantly are not spectacular numbers achieved during a year, but the satisfaction of visitors. The tourist is totally impressed with the good state of conservation of its buildings, the maintenance of its huge gardens and the cleaning of the premises. A few factors that have greatly influenced this success. And it is the Alhambra is a compulsory destination for all those who spend their holidays in a rental apartments sierra nevada since it is located a few kilometres away. Since the 9th century and until it was declared a monument in 1870, the Alhambra has been suffering multiple transformations depending on its inhabitants.

It has been Palatine city, Christian Royal House, captaincy general of the Kingdom of Granada and military strength; all this thanks to its strategic location at the top of the mountain where you can check the city of Granada in full. Within the architectural complex of the Alhambra several areas can be distinguished as the alcazaba, the Comares Palace, the Palace of Muhammad V, the room of the Mozarabs, the Hall of the abencerrajes, the Palace of Charles V or its impressive Gardens among others. But without a doubt, one of the great attractions of the Alhambra for the visitor is the famous patio de los leones. Surely many that spend their holidays in sierra nevada apartments during the upcoming holidays have in mind visiting the yard and see how, after ten years, twelve Lions of the Alhambra stone return Manar spoil from their mouths. It really is worth visiting it and appreciate all its details with our own eyes. Although still restoration work is underway in the patio in short lines are can contemplate the courtyard of the Lions in splendor that once possessed. One claim more for the Alhambra will continue to be the most visited monument in Spain.


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