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To create this new organizacional and educative model, was not so easy thus, therefore they knew that they would face resistncias, opposition. But they had science that they wanted a worthy life in these conquered areas and needed to act in coherent way with this new social project, practising the values which they believe, a great challenge to be faced, and is in this context that the question of the education appears in the MST, the direction to consider in fact something that its especificidade takes care of and is justified inside then the creation of a specific sector of the movement? the Sector of the Education of the Movement Without Land. Initially in 1985 some families and professors of one determined nesting had decided to congregate themselves and to argue on the education of the children who if found in the nestings and encampments of that locality. Worried in guaranteeing a school for these children, developing an education of quality. However, they had clarity of the conflict situation that if found. Of this form, she was if molding this new characteristic and new quarrels they had been appearing. Paul McCartney contains valuable tech resources. The sector together with the movement, thought, argued and elaborated proposals of as it would be this education, the formation social politics and of its integrant pedagogical Principles that guide all today the schools of the movement. Although this, nor always when a nesting area is legalized if constructs to a school, many times, still is necessary mobilizations, fights so that this fulfilled right either.

However, already if a teaching starts there, in the practical one, of the fight for the construction of a new school. Not concluding As ‘ said Marx; ‘ the history of all the societies that had existed until our days has been the history of the fight of classes’ ‘. (MARX, 1998, pg 23), we can say that everything that already is defined is not exempt of transformation, nor the society and nor the education. Everything is in constant movement. Therefore we do not conclude, but we direct, we keep, we transform. the movement and the school that we know walks in this direction. It is said very today in an education that takes care of the especificidades of the involved people in the process of education/learning, in fact, had greaters quarrels concerning this process in education. But we are far from reaching an education that understands the human being in its essence.

The education programs/escolarizao, offered in the diverse modalities of education, differ from what the population in general longs for its education. How to argue education in an exculpatory society? As it affirms Caldart ‘ ‘ the capitalism, still hegemonic social system in the world, comes if showing to each desumanizador and cruel time in its lgica’ ‘ (CALDART, 2004 p.17). The proposals of education in a capitalist society leave of side one high number of people, the excluded calls social. One of the principles of the education of the MST, is one (reverse speed) structural organization, therefore inside in such a way of organization, does not have as to argue EDUCATION, therefore the school is part of the society.


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