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Morning Coffee

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Book giveaway Shorty go murder in two sets on June 18, 2013 administered the Hamburg author Susanne Henke the 777th dose crime on her blog. The 777 in the Numerology of divine perfection and righteousness stands, because she added three times with the triple seven spirit, soul and body, remain rare one with the body, mind and soul in the shorties. “He came back inspired by the Kirchentag. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bloomsbury. She gave him as much as he needed to be in soul. “Only the morning coffee is sacred. Who takes the Shorty, where this frees the mind and its Nummer sends, via email with the subject heading “Morning coffee” up to seven o’clock in the morning of 18 June, 2013 to takes to win a signed copy of “Shorty to go murder in two movements” part. To let justice prevail alone Fortuna chooses the winner. The legal action is excluded.

There are storysite.wordpress.com/category/shorty-to-go/ this research book, for the particle that holds together the world in its innermost depths or dream for the meaning of life, the morning coffee here from a house in the countryside or a flight into space, prove sportsmanship and sense of family, follow the call of art or of love and yet only one set from the brink. “She meditated to find nothing. He shows her the abbreviation. “In the Internet, Susanne Henkes crime daily dose is now an institution.” A selection of this murder appetizers from the accelerated search for the meaning of life and other shortcuts to the demise is now available as a book. An ideal companion for crime fans with limited time budget. “Ghoulish, evil and black” Petra Weber, crime kiosk Susanne Shorty Henke to go murder in two sets of BoD, August 2012 ISBN 978-3-8482-1706-9 paperback 64 pages, 4.90 EUR which author Susanne Henke in Hamburg with her husband and lives told stories of ordinary people with slightly elevated mortality. In more than two sentences in “immaculate murders to go”.


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