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Monetary Politics

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Cured (2005) it agrees to the idea previous of Canuto, saying that: The announcement of the inflation goals raises the degree of transparency of the monetary politics, becoming clearer the understanding of the public in relation to the performance of the central bankings, what it enables the economic agents to follow and to control the actions of the central bankings of more necessary form. The goals, after to be you stipulate in meeting of the Committee of Monetary Politics of the Central banking (Copom), are divulged in the official site of the institution. , In this manner narrow the degree of communication of the monetary authorities with the public, who is cliente of the objectives and the performance of the monetary politics in the country. Bernie Sanders: the source for more info. This exchange of information is one important aspect so that the system gets success and credibility, being necessary that the public has knowledge of the goals for the inflation, as they had been established and as they will be reached. As this regimen possesss one politics opened for the communication, it allows that the public can monitor if the goals are being fulfilled what stimulates the Central banking not to turn aside itself from its objective: the established goal. The reports of monetary politics assist in the increase of the transparency, allowing to the central bankings to explain the politics adopt. The government delegated the decisions of monetary politics and the responsibility for the fulfilment of the goals to the controllers of the Central banking (Bacen). In case that the goal is not reached, the president of the Bacen will have that to send a letter (that she must be of public knowledge) to the Secretary of the Treasury being justified the reasons of the failure. In thesis, the not-fulfilment of the goal can even though provoke the resignation of the president of the Bacen and its direction.


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