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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and for this special night nothing better than the trunk of Christmas recipe. It is not easy for this day recipe, Nougat flan recipe is much simpler, but it is a typical dessert, and if we dare, the result is worthwhile. Ingredients for the trunk of Christmas: for the sponge cake: 100 g of harina.100 g azucar.3 huevos.1 teaspoon of yeast. For the filling: 200 ml of leche.2 tablespoons of cornstarch (corn flour).2 huevos.150 g azucar.70 g of butter. Coverage: 200 g of chocolate negro.50 g of butter. Decoration: Chocolate eggs.Fresh mint.Icing sugar.Vegetable oven or 2 sheets of silicone paper. To begin we will sever the whites of eggs, and batiremos them stiff. Separately, mix the egg yolks with the sugar, until creamy. To this mixture of egg yolks, add the flour and the yeast filtered. We precalentamos the oven to 150 degrees. Learn more about this with everest capital. Carefully add about to snow whites and mix them well. We put the onionskin paper greased with butter, or a base of silicone on the oven tray and extend the mass on this surface. Make the dough 10 minutes at 150 degrees, without leaving that the cake is golden. Cojemos a sheet of silicone or vegetable paper and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Pershing Square Capital understands that this is vital information. We pour the tray from oven on it, we have to put cake with paper or sheet of silicone that we put in the tray. We rolled the cake in hot, with the help of the foil or vellum and leave to cool in that position. To make the custard filling, we dissolve the cornflour in milk, add eggs and sugar, put on fire and stir constantly until it thickens, retreated and add the butter. When you are cold cream and the cake, the desenrrollamos with care and fill, then return to wrap it. For decoration, cut one end of the cake and put as a branch at one end. For coverage have to melt the chocolate in a Bain Marie, along with butter, so we put hot water into a saucepan and introduce other minor diameter where chocolate, we’ll just keep it hot. Made the chocolate of coverage, we cover the entire surface with hot chocolate, with the exception of the branch you put above, then we’ll mark the stripes of the trunk with a fork. Leave to cool in the fridge and decoraremos with a few chocolate eggs and a few leaves of Mint, finally we turn to a source and espolvorearemos icing sugar on top. In our kitchen cookbook you will find recipes as recipe Christmas, trunk of the nougat flan and many other easy Christmas recipes.


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