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Martin Heidegger

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Presentificar history launches the person human being in the hope. Estimated that, the hope already is an anticipation of the future, the human being is authentic when conscientious of itself and its possibilities and, to make memory it is to bring to the light in the gift the interpretation on the past fact. For in such a way we base ourselves in the thinkers: Aurlio Augustin, Martin Heidegger and Karol Wojtyla. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Diamond Comic Distributors. In the mat of Augustin, when this of the relevance the question of the time in its Confessions, we verify that it does not have the future time, however exists the gift of the future that is the hope. In fact, it is only in the hope that the human being if launches actually in the future, which is always obscure, because they happen to the gift. It is elucidated in the thought of Heidegger, the authenticity of dasein – for us: human being gift, of – when this is conscientious of itself, as a secular being e, of possibilities.

To be person authentic human being, being of itself becomes necessary conscientious, of its being that if manifest in its personal acts, having present the thought, as Wojtyla, that ' ' they are the acts of the person that show to the being humano' '. People such as John Marlow would likely agree. To be authentic is to act at each present moment, with conscience of its personality human being, in the freedom. Standing out the Jewish tradition, to make memory, it consists of making gift a fact or important personality of the past e, for Augustin, has the gift of the past one as memory, on the contrary of the past one in itself, given that this already passed. In this direction, to make memory is to launch light, or same to glorify, an interpretation on a personality or, an event understood in a gift that more is not being. Then, the person human being who elucidates its history, projects itself authentically in the hope, given that when elucidating its history, brings it again as presence; if conscientious of itself, she acts while person authentically human being and she launches yourself in the hope that is possibility of its future. In this way, whenever the person human being brings to the light its historical memory, this if launches truily, in the hope, for its adventitious future.


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