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Months ago, I was invited to share with the elderly of the MANA Foundation project. I should give a small talk to these gentlemen and I wondered what he could teach a youngster like me. The experience of that day was wonderful, because although I couldn’t share any lesson, I myself got more than one, and one of those lessons I want to share in this installment of live excellence. As I said my mom. Now imagine, dear reader or reader, this scene: in the midst of my dissertation, and to make it more enjoyable, start asking the Lords about your experiences. They begin to open, no longer see me as a strange boy, but as someone that you want to learn (and that he wanted to go!) and some of them tell me in short words how they have had to face your fears, take advantage of opportunities or fabricate them if needed. Among them there is one, with about sixty-eight years, which informs me that many of the things he learned in life, learned them observing and testing, because God gave him the ability to see and learn.

And then tells me: one day came a few engineers at the factory where I worked to find someone who embobinara engines. I had learned to do so and had my pregnant wife, needed some stronger money input and they offered it. Factory nobody dared, but instances of some friends I I approached one of the engineers and I told him that I could go with them, but not immediately, but at that date (which was when began my vacation). The appointed day arrived at my new job and I saw a fairly large amount of engines with which to work. At first I thought it was too, but then I remembered what my mom said: tremble skeleton, but forward. So I put hands to work and in a short time was ending with that task.

Not, I returned to my old job. And when my work was little, I hit to engineers and other employees of my new work, for routes where they attended another type of machinery, which I also learned to work I. Imagine that for fear I would have not accepted test in the new job I said finishing his story, how would have sustained my family that was growing? Although you tremble. What a history! The lesson I learned was far more valuable than I could have imagined. Tremble skeleton, but forward! Yes, we often feel afraid to embark on the path of our dreams, because they seem to be wacky, because nobody understands them and look at us as rare bugs. But what does it matter? It is better to move forward, though trembling, that sit idly by without doing anything in life and die angry because other (fools who dared to dream) saw better fortune. What we now do we? We will move forward, although sometimes the gray clouds of adversity make us tremble? Remember that you and I have the privilege to dream and follow our dreams, don’t let anyone or anything prevent you reach your maximum potential. Go ahead and live excellence.


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