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Man And Religion

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Sooner or later, man stands in front of the question – What is the meaning of life? Attempts of people to solve this issue, did not lead anyone to success. It is reasonable to assume that the Creator of man knows why created ego.On wants all people knew the purpose of its existence. Man wants to hear the answer, God wants to say and govorit.Pochemu same, and who creates complexity? God allowed people to write the Bible, for people on their level. The difficulty is that between man and God is a religion, more religion. Today there are thousands of religions, constantly added new ones. Religion takes the responsibility to speak on Tmenov God. There is a logical questions: Why are so many religions, when God one? Whether they are pleasing to God? "Why does God allow such a mess? To understand each religion a person not under force – life is not enough. Should be one (true) religion, which will answer all the vital questions of man. As also to determine the true religion?


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