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It was estagnado in its situation has limited: Definitive situation was blind -. Definitive situation was beggar -. Definitive situation was poor -. He was authorized to beg for – definitive situation. Only that although these definitive factors, had taken that it to stop there, the side of the way to beg, had something in Bartimeu differentiated that it of its definitive situation: Its Faith.

Bartimeu entered as coadjuvante actor. As all the stories on Jesus, show the main action as Meeting, deliberate or not, the History of Bartimeu sample that it is only one coadjuvante actor in the History of the Life of Jesus, an almost figurante one that if atreveu to make something different and to call the attention the Director and Main Personage of this History: It moved itself in its Faith. Bartimeu liveed in a poor city, small it asked for almses there. However, to be poor in a great city already is not easy. Now, it imagines to be poor, blind, to ask for almses in Jeric, that one same city that was destroyed by Joshua. Only that with everything what limited its condition, the Biblical text says that it cried out, and more, he cried out much more high. The people who knew the limits taxes for its situation and the Society, already had been saying that it would not be heard – what would be normal, after all where Jesus was had obtains a multitude. Burburinho was total e, when Bartimeu started to call, the ones encircled that it hindered, it to cry out, but the blind person fried high more. It cried out so high that the Master stopped and called and when Jesus flame goes to happen something. when Jesus stopped and called, that blind person passed of coadjuvante the principal actor of its proper history and was become free of it limited what it: its layer.


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