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Ludmila Leonidovna Larkin

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Reviewed by Poems Christian poet – Ludmila Leonidovna Larkin Those who wrote their reviews and reviews of the work of contemporary Christian poet laureate International poetry contests, Ludmila Leonidovna Larkin, and made important observations of thin, well-evaluated her work. Thus, the creator of the Orthodox portal "Berth" Hope Rubber, wrote spiritual, heartfelt comment that poetry Ludmila Leonidovna is in her soul a sense of joy and admiration, a deep emotional resonance with the experience of the sacred, which touched a poem, caused her to eyes with tears. Very Good Hope notes that "the heart, filled with the grace of God, can not be silent! It begins to speak the language of poetry. " Many of the reviewers pointed out that in the poems of the poet (I, nevertheless, avoid use the word "poet", and call LL Larkin – poet) can feel her heart, her works are full of grace and "aching with love for the Motherland" (Rubber). A member of the Writers' Union "New Contemporary" Hope Strelkov noted that "The truly religious man, always feels light, which he carries in his heart – a bright image of God." Lyudmila Leonidovna have lines like: "Care Angela stored. / He only listened to the track. / And he suggested the unseen, / How can I go for the Lord. " Initially, the great Ukrainian poet and preacher – Gregory Savich pan and, later, the great shepherd of the twentieth century – the father of Alexander Men, argued that the primary need of man – to follow the will of God.


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