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However, applicants in this category can only be citizens aged 14 to 25 years, while in the Lipetsk region in the age category of "youth" is officially set to 14 to 30 years. Thus, many talented guys between the ages of 25 to 30 years can not participate in this project, which in my view is not entirely fair. You can recommend the establishment of a regional nomination talented youth of the Lipetsk region with funding from the regional budget. It is important not only to deliver premium, but also to create the possibility of using the potential of talented youth in the region. Currently the work on preparing a report on the status of youth in the Russian Federation in 2008-2009. Today at the federal level are designed broad standards for the provision of services by budgetary institutions sphere of youth policy in volunteering, youth employment and career counseling for various levels of government. Such standards should be developed and adopted in Lipetsk region. Particular attention should be paid to dealing with informal youth associations.

Currently in the region monitored the presence and activities of informal youth associations radical and extremist orientation. It is also necessary for rapid response to their activities and to inform young people about the moral and legal consequences of participating in them. This is not the whole picture main directions of state youth policy in the diversity of its forms, but from the information provided can be concluded on the need to improve it and improve efficiency. And to finish his article, I would like to Dmitry Medvedev "Year of Youth gives us a unique opportunity to find and test new, more effective methods of interaction in the development of the fundamentals of youth policy of our state. Young people – this is the main driving force for the transition state on the path of innovative development and this must always be remembered. " But we took advantage of every opportunity, time will tell 1. Until now was have not adopted the Federal Law "On Basic Principles of state youth policy in Russia." 2. Today more than ever it is important to give full support to the youth public associations, both in the form grants or subsidies, as well as direct funding to the most socially significant projects from the budgets of different levels.

3. One of the most effective ways of involving young people in socio-economic activities is to support and develop volunteering. 4. In our region, created the Youth Parliament of the Lipetsk region, as an advisory structure in the Lipetsk Oblast Council of Deputies, adopted regulations and formed by the youth of parliamentary structures in every municipality of the Lipetsk region.


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