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Learning By Doing: Language Schools Offer More Than Just Classroom

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Combination of classroom and e-learning becoming more popular Berlin offering the schools has risen in this country in recent years together with the demand. The latter is driven not only by the increasing demands of everyday proficiency of workers. Also as a hobby and trip preparation language learning in young and old of popular enjoys. Especially interesting: The pressure to distinguish themselves makes inventive language schools. So, a sporting English trainer improves the debate of stressed Manager, for example in Cologne during the jogging, not least also due to time and efficiency. According to author, who has experience with these questions. Also on the rise, the combination of Spanish courses with lunch anyway everyday and necessary in the tapas bar in Munich is typical, culinary highlights including.

To speed up the learning experience of course participants, more and more schools add their classroom with innovative, Web-based forms of learning. Blended learning is here a trend, the combination of classroom and online learning materials. The innovative courses of Berlin LinguTV (www.LinguTV.com) E-learning specialists are increasingly in use in schools and universities. the online language learning platform relies on audiovisual techniques and interactive exercises that conveys deep knowledge of foreign language by native speakers via real-world video clips and with the involvement of the learner. Social networking features also enable the development of online learning groups. The power of moving images and the concrete, vivid short stories represented by native speakers it create additional learning effects that go far beyond purely text – and image-based teaching materials. So is the online language learning platform among others already on the 17 sites of the leading language school of Spain, Comunicando, in practice and is also used by the professors of the renowned Hochschule Fresenius as a supplement to the already very extensive classroom teaching.

“The advantages are obvious: no big” Now each school able to offer their students a round-the-clock program that combines the flexibility, as well as the time and location independence of the online programs with the personal supervision by a teacher on the spot is”investment and long production times, Philip Gienandt, Managing Director of Lingua-TV GmbH, performs. More and more schools realize complement, with the even more revenues can be achieved in the additional offers, lunch or online component. Press.html about the LinguTV GmbH, the innovative language training platform provides Professional for more information see produced training videos, which show in authentic situations, how native speakers use the respective foreign language in the context. Realistic dialogs provide relevant vocabulary, the correct pronunciation and also special cultural features of communication. The audio visual learning are through an extensive online range of learning tools, interactive exercises, As well as individual learning reports and learning groups complements a multimedia and individual design of language learning, allow educational games. This often internationally awarded concept by LinguTV seal among other things awarded with the Comenius-EduMedia and nominated oriented on the requirements of an efficient operational training by the British Council and has been optimized for the use in companies and educational institutions. The E-learning offer is very modular and flexible and allows a modern language training regardless of time and place. Online training is supplemented by language learning apps for iPhone and iPad. LinguTV GmbH the Initiative Mittelstand awarded 2012 the IT innovation prize as best video language learning on the Web, as well as best mobile language application.


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