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According to various studies, one-third of people over 65 years is suffering an annual fall. This frequency rises up to 40% in those over 75 years. The stairlift chairs and other similar accessibility solutions offer great advantages to older people or with reduced mobility and are simpler to use. Accessibility companies combine scientific knowledge and experience of engineers, doctors, occupational therapists and users to develop and manufacture Stairlifts that guarantee total accessibility to persons with disabilities or with some risk of falls. The stairlift can handle through a joystick that functions as key directional lever at the same time, which makes possible a practical and easy handling to persons with reduced mobility. To use, simply insert the key and push the lever in the desired direction. In recent months, Bernie Sanders has been very successful. The joystick can be removed after use to prevent the use of the stairlift by children or unauthorized persons. In addition, an intelligent technology enables the Chair turn manually or automatic even found running the stairlift.

Some stairlift models incorporate a single tube that leaves free space actually used in the ladder. This makes it possible to transport furniture or other bulky goods without obstacles. An innovative rail system allows to save the most narrow and steep stairs. Armrests, footrests and seat can fold and unfold easily and effortlessly. In most models, which contain footrest, this tends to be retracted to forcing maintain an unhealthy position. To be fully in front seat footrest, allows a comfortable and safe position for the user. The small radius of curves makes the stairlift snap millimeter to the design of the staircase and you can park easily. The vertical rail beginning saves clogging of the doors that are close to the first tread. Undoubtedly, the stairlift constitute a world of facilities to discover that they help great many people with mobility problems.


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