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Kingdon Ward Collection

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Against the backdrop of Mount Snowdon Bodnant Garden, with its swimming pools with nimfeeyami, beautiful roses, rhododendrons and yews is a spectacle of fairy beauty. Nymphea perennial aquatic plant, otherwise known as water lily, forming thickets in ponds, lakes and slowly flowing vodah.Esche a famous garden – Heskombkort, located against the backdrop of hills hills of Surrey. His remarkable collection of daffodils attracts thousands of visitors. Replaced narcissuses come dahlias and asters. In April and May, many here are blooming alpine plants collected in the rocky sadu.Horosho known Nymans Hendkross garden, situated in the hills of Northern Sussex. It is famous for its collection of rhododendrons, flowering shrubs and coniferous plants. Garden significantly enriched for famous researchers, botanists: Kingdon Ward, Comber and Forrest, who brought many plants from China, Tibet, South America and Tasmania.

The local collection is particularly well known hybrid lilies. The famous pergola garden, overgrown with purple wisteria blossoms imported from Japan, another name – wisteria, climbing ornamental plant of the legume with tassels of fragrant flowers. Grange Garden in Kent is known for its collection of Japanese Cherry has 200 species and varieties, including hybrid forms. Rhododendrons and azaleas, forming the lower tier, perfectly complement the cherry blossoms. Garden is especially beautiful in autumn when the trees are dressed in copper and dark red listvu.Ochen beautiful garden Staurheda with his three blown lake, which was built on the shore of a small pantheon. The lake – forest consisting of beech and fir. At the water's edge in large groups planted rhododendrons.


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