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Katharina Munk

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However: Who to his staff small sausages ‘ makes, is nothing big can expect from them! Because language shapes thinking and thus behavior. Once crawl the voice quality of your entire organization – and muck out mercilessly. So take clerk things, and not people. You must wait in waiting rooms. Patients come but become healthy – and not to wait! Visitors such as petitioners are treated to a registration, top-down controlled.

You may fill out ever this request”, it is said. Only: A customer who must or must not come again. Winner – loser language? I’ve worked in a company, because unwanted employees to launch were released ‘. A better unnamed Department head told me that his boss the gathered executives in the meeting ever feature eyeless worms ‘ referred to. And there are still Worse. As usual, the incredible success of books could be how and tomorrow I’m going to kill him ‘ by Katharina Munk or the asshole factor ‘ by Robert I. Sutton explain? You are too internally also so down-to-Earth? There are manners harsh, the jokes derbe? Then run voice hygiene yet again! Because how people inside each other handle in the company, just as they will do outside it.

To create an employee – and customer-friendly climate also means to deal carefully with language. Nomen est omen. Controller threaten with control. The same function is called, however, business support’, so you can immediately feel the helping hand. It transported his people in the back office ‘, them off forever. In a question-answer forum Author was the first to reply. Who calls his staff service providers, dehumanizes them. Human capital ‘ I no longer want to talk. All in all: the linguistic style in you is offensive (are so narrow-minded, or do they just?”) or rather constructive (together I would like to clarify something with you, What is me very close to the heart.”)? How to use loser – winner vocabulary, the language of the shark – or which of the dolphin? I call it intelligent and constructive former destructive, the second. Clearly, even if not everything is true, what they say after the shark, it is the effect that counts. I showed already with sharks and dolphins, and I can assure the readers: for the dolphins, it was much more pleasant. The Dolphin is the only animal that can kill a shark.


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