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July North

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As long as he and his cronies were not the strongest, they were each other male Lions expelled from its territory and some of them even killed. Jessica Walsh wanted to know more. With their typical for young lions Manes of the Iroquois, they were still far from away at male rivals or lionesses to respect. Simba but had the luck to be violated in time of plenty from the Pack. Because every year in the summer, during the dry season in Tanzania, over 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles from the Serengeti National Park from July North into the much regenreichere Masai Mara in Kenya. This large ungulate migration is for the carnivores of the Mara during the well three months, until the herds move in October and November in the Serengeti, a life like in the land of Cockaigne.

The local Lions claim often smaller hunting grounds in this time of abundance, leaving enough space and hunting prey for the wandering nomads of the lion. When the big herds of Ant-right cross the Mara River in huge masses, formally run the predators in the mouth. This develop lions also at all no greed for more and more prey as we humans, because kill not in stock or out of boredom, but only as many animals as they can eat. Of course, treat yourself to only the best pieces from their victims and left large parts of the carcass of the vultures and jackals. Simba have used this time to improve his hunting techniques and has grown perhaps until today so far that he could defeat a pack leader in the fight to take over his Pack and to reproduce. Simba is probably even now, can live in July 2009, when the migration starts, again for three months in abundance. Maybe even in the future for years to come, as long as the large ungulate migration from the Serengeti holds.


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