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Judgement Day

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We're all for one another will answer. Name Names Do not otmoeshsya if all the blood like a duck's back trouble and divided into the trough. Instead, the icons will be Judgement Day – by itself – we are to judge the mirror. Name Names rip from the roots all that to date buried. In the screen time to throw but true story blade of grass, so that in time the truth came up. (First Name). For more specific information, check out Bernie Sanders. That is why, especially Bashlacheva, must not only listen but also hear. 'So listen what we all should be ashamed Hey! up! – Save your souls.

You know, shame when you do not see what you hear, all listening to. " (In the open field – rain). 'And someone was reading about myself, and thought that about my uncle. Someone is tired, having divided his inheritance in seven cases. Someone wanted to see everything only from the side without looking, And someone was looking, but it seems your eyes are not put. " (A smoke).

The words of the poet need to hear, because even written in the Name of Names, they were written just for us and only us, they have their own value and for the most Bashlacheva. They are needed, when all work is over, will perform its mission. "As autumn wind carry my seed leaves on Sunday with news, so I want to live the spring, I want to see the time when these songs will not need Oh I will not live, but I see the time when these songs will not need … (As autumn wind). Paschal breathes hope into these words. Eternal life they live these, because they live the life of the poet, the poet continues to live in them. In this life, their line is short. 'Poets in the world after the row put the sign was bleeding. " (The life of poets). 'You must understand – you are forgiven if windy night, I again tear crazy I'll run across the paper I This path length of the line – yes line is short. ……. And I go, I have to go the next song, which you believe … See you in the morning – then you'll understand everything yourself. " (When the two of us) 'And the good news does not ceases to lie. My cross – a sign of action, so head over to add that sooner die, for something that is very nice to live, for that sooner die, for something that is very necessary to live. (When we are together)


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