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Involuntary Attention

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Factors organizing involuntary attention of the person associated with both the characteristics of the object of attention, so with the peculiarities of the man himself – the subject of attention. The first group of factors includes involuntary attention the following: – Power stimulus – stimulus novelty – the contrast – the duration and intermittency of the stimulus – movement of an object on a stationary background – the sudden appearance of the stimulus, etc. The second group represented stable features of the subject of attention, always taking place, or the peculiarities that arise in specific situations, including: – actual or stable needs – interest – the emotions and feelings – past experience, including as a habit – the installation of the attention that is given by the previous circumstances, the expectation of a certain course of events – the consistency of information coming from the object, with determinate content of human consciousness, etc. The main function of involuntary attention is the fast and correct orientation of a person in a constantly changing environment, the allocation of those objects that can be currently the most vital sense..


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