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These can be maintained up to 24 hours. Video advertising: InVideo ad what is an InVideo ads? An InVideo ad is an animated Flash overlay. This InVideo ad appears after about 15 seconds in the video selected by the user. The duration of this display is about 10 seconds. The promotional video is displayed after you clicked on the overlay. The video is stopped for the duration of the InVideo ad.

At the end of the promotional videos the main video at the pause point automatically restarts. The main video is now accompanied by a display of the image. The link in this advertisement, which leads to your site is clickable at any time. The cost not incurred only for the click, to display. Viral videos of the trend par excellence often marked videos no longer as a promotional video, but are used with simple design as a means of viral marketing. On large video portals as user-generated video clips hidden videos are increasing strongly.

This creativity and duration of the video are set no limits. You just one goal, by their Design to attract attention and to focus the attention of greatest possible user number for very long on its own video. The oral transmission of the video links is very important. This type of promotion is perfectly suitable for product launches. Studies come to the conclusion that these videos in memory remain a very long and strongly influence the formation of image particularly in the younger target group. Image videos & corporate videos are located next to the classic video commercials, which ensure and increase sales on the other hand, the one for advertising you especially in the areas of service and B2B of corporate videos and corporate videos in the Internet is widely used. Many companies operate a presentation of the company on your homepage or partner sites using these videos and thus can score because of the well designed image videos both for clients and consumers alike. Who can identify with this image, remember, how much is the company in its own sense. This works in the traditional Advertising world (E.g. print media) as well as in the world of the Internet. Represent your company in customer presentations, fairs or just on your home page. Introduce yourself and your company and your company’s products and your services. With ever-faster Internet connections grow usage includes videos in all forms. With image, videos are also used as communication increased. Recently Michael Chabon sought to clarify these questions. For your success on the Internet! Klaus Janschutz


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