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Now you can connect high-speed Internet access, but then the question arose as restricting access to the Internet in the home network (150 PC). Was read quite a lot of different documents and used Many software products. The end result has been achieved, but the time spent on installation and configuration, was too great. The level of knowledge required to configure access to the Internet was too high and not suitable for most users. Get more background information with materials from Author. And the cost for a home network would be too high. Although everything was set up, very much remained unrealized. In the design it was necessary to allow access to the resources of the lan, as well as to on the Internet. This was the main concern.

The means used to solve these problems allowed, but it is known that the design addresses global challenges and the operation of the cause of all the smaller but no less important. For example, there is a need setting free local traffic, pay-Internet-traffic for several tariffs, setting up free access to some resources for users of the Internet, and still very everything from general information, completing statistics for each user. It came to the aid of friends, prompted by the software most suitable for the task. After a brief explore the possibilities of the program it became apparent that it is necessary to determine the number of users (which was already known), and acquire the program. Immediately noticed that the money spent on the acquisition program literally paid off for the first time (setup and learning programs, and use in test mode).


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