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One of the questions I frequently received this month is Berny, how can I sell on the Internet but I have an own product to sell it? Honestly to sell on the Internet and start to make money it is not necessary to have an own, unlike product you also can do it selling products of third parties under a Commission for each sale. This is called programs of many affiliate companies used these programs so users promote their products through a unique Link for each user, and they earn a percentage Commission for every sale that is generated in the company website. One of the major mistakes that people make when they are registered in a program of affiliate is promoting the link on all sides and send them to all persons creating SPAM. Thats a big mistake I’ll give an example: If you are promoting a product from a company to lose weight go only to this market, fat people, and increases in weight interested in lose a few kilos) I’ll give a key to having success with this tool. When you enroll in a program of affiliated of a product or company first analyse that market on the Internet and see if it’s really relevant and has high demand in Internet, remember that if there is no demand there is no offer, and above all a very good Commission to pay for each sale. You will find more Ideas for starting your own business on the Internet without having product own in: greetings and success in your business.


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