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Specific concerns: fear of data theft is very much in the public discussion increases the current international privacy and security scandals have resulted in the year 2013 to that Internet users on data security are sensitized. Clearly, this is the aspect”fear of data theft. The comparison with last year’s levels shows a very strong increase in all countries surveyed in the study, and makes it clear that the citizens deal with the subject critically. More than half of all respondents Onliner fear lack of security during the data transfer. In Germany, there are even 67 percent. The fear of data theft is the highest in the United Kingdom and the United States with 65 percent each this year. But the biggest growth rate is reflected in Germany: gifts last year four percent of those surveyed fear where Theft of your data, so are there currently a 61 percent increase of 57 percentage points. Low use: new passport, de-mail and electronic tax return In the year 2013 27 percent of all respondents in Germany use the new ID card with online ID function.

So far, only 10 percent of all German Onliners have a mail account, 12 percent plan to its establishment. Gain insight and clarity with Luke Bryan. Just under half of the respondents, namely 46 percent, however, rejects the use of de-mail. 30% Indicate not to know de-mail. The electronic tax declaration is known in Germany with 58 percent over half of the online population. 35 Percent have ever submitted a paperless tax return.

The use of this offer has not diminished despite the overall negative trend, but is only at about a third of the Onliners with 35 percent. “Planned extensions of this services, such as the Vorausgefullte tax return” 73 percent of the respondents in Germany assess positively. 41 Percent of the German Onliner know open Open Government plans Government offers are known in the countries studied varies.


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