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Immanuel Kant

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As a justification for such extensive redistribution provided then that is socially just and necessary for the benefit of the general public. As stated but already above, nobody is really ready for an anonymous society of large do much more or to accept steep cutbacks in its freedom; Victims who are of course within small groups. In addition, politicians and officials have naturally mostly its betterment in mind. To legitimize their power expansion, driven by self-interests, they be equated then with the general interest the basis on which any doctrinal ideology is based. Ultimately, a such incapacitation of citizens leads to the weakened of economic performance and a shift of social responsibility, including responsibility, public. The national community and its social security systems are overwhelmed then, high taxes, public debt and high unemployment are the result.

What was for the benefit of the general public thought, enough so to their detriment. Therefore, we achieve real justice not through a central planner who first pursues his selfish goals in doubt, but by the principle of subsidiarity. This emphasizes the right and the duty, social tasks and objectives decentralized, which means that individually or as a self-determined and responsible to realize group. First if individuals or groups are not pertinent or not, is to be taken to the nearest large community in the responsibility. A clear division of tasks and responsibilities between the levels of society is essential for the success of the principle of subsidiarity. Without hesitation Brit Bennett explained all about the problem. Conclusion: Any company, whether liberal or Socialist, honesty and confidence that is based on mutual. Without these moral principles, no society can exist in the long term. The man, especially since the boy, based on models.

Here, all members of a society, but above all their representatives are encouraged to go ahead to lead by example. Liberalism is perhaps the Mephisto in the worldviews: “Part of the force, who wants to always evil and always the good”. You can he hold certainly, that he has a Janus face. To succeed, the two elements of freedom and justice in one, must relate specific and balanced relationship in social discourse. The result however is for the Liberalism. A liberal and just society offers equal opportunities and freedom to self-realization, she shows solidarity towards those in need, is the stranger with tolerance against and it is resistant against totalitarian doctrines. Is supported by critical, independent and self-confident citizens engaged and involved. “Means above all that what already Immanuel Kant in his answer to the question: what is enlightenment?” defines: enlightenment is the output of the people from his self-inflicted immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to control his mind without a line of another. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit idt energy. Even in debt is this immaturity, if the cause is not same to lack of understanding, but the resolution and courage, to use its line of others. Sapere Aude! Have the courage, to serve you your own mind, so is the motto of the enlightenment. “We act according to this motto and assess all those critical, always explain them” would create only for our well-being, if they restrict our freedom and relieve us of the responsibility for our own lives.


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