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(D) relax, you do not argue with anyone, don’t think about your problems or your debts or your loving situations, unless this is what drives you to write the song of the day. About yoga, it is not that you return from elastic but can, stretch, and sit down to meditate and practice not to think about anything. US Senator from Vermont does not necessarily agree. (E) uses fresh and comfortable clothes and carrying a jacket in case the study is very cold. (F) once the study you don’t overdo practicing, do it quietly and if possible silently. You need to save your energy and your precious voice when you’re recording.

(G) bring with you something so you strenghthen your voice, I recommend 2 oz of Quantro a lemon and 3 tablespoons of pure honey. Once mixed tomato a sorbito every 10 to 15 minutes. If Thomas alcohol at all then a cup of warm tea with honey are not sufficient but must take more during the session, this filled your stomach of liquid which is not advisable for you to optimize the quality of the sound of your voice. OK already now going to enter the Studio and you have your song in hand, you memorizaste you (want you to know that there are artists who write the song the same day that are going to burn and for these there are other methods that I’ll cover in another article). If you are going to record voices a cappella, with the music already composed, or you’re going to record first to then finish the musical production, in any case the sound engineer will ask for a few minutes to prepare the session at that moment will ask that you sing to be able to calibrate the equalizers with the tone of your voice. Note: trafficking in singing as you’re going to do when you start the session so your voice will be optimized to the maximum.


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