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How To Find A Job Biker

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Hello, my name is Travis! I am 16 years old! I live in the smallest country in the world – it is called Moldova, Chisinau. I have 3 years doing a free motorbike racing club – doing motocross, although for us there is not much – 3 people. I, my each and one girl. We have a coach – the numerous European champion Alexander Voronov. He is now aged and helps those who want to be engaged, we are very poor motosportsmeny, we have FS, I drive a porvanyh boots, pants, a cheap helmet, without Lat, a T-shirt, and in such spectacles, it is better not to tell! I had a YAMAHA 125 2000's, the coach said that I'm good ride, but the competition failed pouchavstvovat. Other gonschiaki said that I had talent and quick snap. As I know a little bit freestyle – motocross and in the future I want them to be engaged.

When I was beginning to be engaged, (and then engaged in more people – sometimes 7) I'm faster than anyone else catch the fact that explains to us, I have the first time getting something that other obtained only with the 3 or 4th time. Do not believe in words, you can see for yourself! After the fall of the competition, the bike was not subject to vosstonavleniyu. Moldova has been competitions where gonshiki came from other countries, I am very it was a shame because that does not take on the FS, and money for another simply do not have … after all, even a motorcycle used by 125 worth 1000 euros or more. Now I go to the same FS 125, a video on YouTube – please write in poeske CZ 125 vs YAMAHA 85. Vizhimayu all – and he voosche not go! Ask the coaches, motorbike racing – please help to take in what ever team oyazatelno not offer a contract! I do not need lavish contracts and a lot of money, I vsevolish need a motorcycle, and all ostolnoe I do and I promise she done! My phone: +373 22 69724975 Travis. E-mail – travise.page299 @ gmail.com


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