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How To Avoid Hangovers

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"There is proof that the main cause of hangovers is a sharp abstinence from alcohol. The cells in your brain physically change in response to the presence of alcohol, and when alcohol no longer do – when it burned down in your body – you experience his absence until such time as these cells are not accustomed to do without alcohol. " Combine this with the effect of alcohol on blood vessels of the head (they can swell considerably in Depending on how much you drink) – and you have to go through a day that you would rather forget. So how can this be avoided? Drink slowly. The slower you drink, the smaller the amount of alcohol actually reaches brain, although you may drink more and, stretching the time. The reason, says Dr.

Mitchell – simple arithmetic: your body burns alcohol at a certain temperature, about 30 ml per hour. Give him more time to burn alcohol, and fewer falls in blood and brain. A good snack. "This is probably the only thing you can do (apart from the fact that you can drink less) to reduce the severity of a hangover, – says Dr. Mitchell. – Food slows absorption of alcohol, and the slower it is absorbed, the smaller the amount reaches the brain. " What you eat does not matter. Choose your drink.

What you drink, can play a major role in Will crack your head the next morning, according to Dr. Kenneth Blum. "The main danger is drinks that contain a certain amount of alcohol (ethanol – is something from which you got drunk), -, says Dr. Blum. – How do they are unknown, but they are closely related to severity of the condition that you feel after drinking. " The least dangerous vodka and brandy are the most dangerous, brandy, whiskey, and all kinds of champagne. Red wine is too bad, but on the other reason: it contains tyramine – histamine-like substances, which causes the killer headache. Anyone who has spent the evening over a bottle of red wine, knows what is at stake. Do sparkling beverages. This is not just Champagne, agree, Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Blum. All, what is the bubbles (a rum-coke as bad as champagne), is particularly hazardous. In conjunction with the fizzy drinks alcohol much more quickly into the bloodstream. Liver trying to stem the flow, but can not cope, and alcohol is poured into the bloodstream. You know exactly what it got, the next morning. Commensurate with the amount of alcohol consumed by its weight. With rare exceptions, a person weighing 50 kg can compete in the drink with a man weighing 100 kg and with the win. So tailor your drink to body mass. To a draw, 50 pound person should drink half of what I would drink 100 kg. Before going to bed drink "Alka – Seltzer." "On this account there is no rigorous scientific data, but many experience says that the water" Alka – Seltzer, "before going to bed significantly reduces the severity of a hangover," Others believe that the two tablets of aspirin (which is actually a same as the "Alka – Seltzer," only without the bubbles) may also help.


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