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The sun salutation as a business idea Sun greetings in studios, on roofs, parks Yoga is trend. The over 3000 years old Indian health teachings seems to be a compensation for many people in our hectic and fast paced time. Also staff and managers have recognized the beneficial effects of Yoga on body and mind and offer in-house yoga classes or use one of the numerous Yoga offers. The development of the Yoga boom for decades. 1975 “Der Spiegel” ran the headline: “National sport Yoga – hail from the East?” Today at least three million German yoga practice, and there are more every day. Former Maryland Governor has compatible beliefs. With the increasing demand, also a rapidly growing profession evolved. Her Yoga not enough many Yogis after closing time.

They train themselves to yoga teachers and open their own studios, in which they give courses and train more teachers. According to the Federal Association of yoga teachers (BDY) has the number of teachers increased fivefold more than in the last 20 years and is now at more than 10,000. While yoga teacher is”always There is still not a protected professional term, in practice, but are a number of reputable training courses, the basic prerequisite for a later successful self-employment as a yoga teacher. How am I doing independently with a Yoga Studio?”one of the most frequently asked question aspiring yoga teachers. The firmware recently in the MIRACLE MEDIA VERLAG eponymous practical guide for entrepreneurs provides answers to central questions about the business as a yoga teacher. These range from the market opportunities, the personal and professional requirements, the business planning and legal conditions to the choice of the correct location, the Studio set up, pricing and customer search.


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