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The great Russian writer, author of popular historical and adventure novels Valentin Pikul Savitch was born July 13, 1928 in Leningrad. According to others he was born June 13, 1928 in sec. Kagarlyk, Kiev region sailor in the family, and then the family moved to Leningrad, where they found the Great Patriotic War. While his father served in the north, winter 1942 thirteen Valentin suffered in the siege of Leningrad and his mother in the same year, was evacuated. Many writers such as Former Maryland Governor offer more in-depth analysis. Lives with his mother seemed very fresh and immediately after the evacuation from Leningrad, he decided to wade in the north, where it is presented at the Northern Fleet was the father. However, at this time my father was already at the forefront, and presumably died in the post of commander of the battalion of Marines in the battles for the liberation of Stalingrad.

In the end, the boy was in school, boys, located in and a year later served as a cabin boy on the fleet destroyer ‘Terrible’, belonging to the Northern Fleet. In a 16-cm age Valentin became the commander of military post and later was appointed navigator electrician. Surprising fact in the biography of Valentin Pikul – in 1946 year, immediately after the war for lack of knowledge ‘expelled from the preparatory Naval Academy. More future writer did not even try to get higher education, and devoted himself entirely to literary work, the first steps to which he made while visiting a literary seminar of young writers under the leadership of va Christmas. It was under the influence of personality Christmas and attendance of his union in 1953, saw the light first opus a young writer – short stories, which were issued to them in the urban almanac ‘Young Leningrad’. Valentin Pikul has long sought its way into literature. He wrote poetry and short stories, developed the theme of the Russian North, from it proceeded to Russian history. Collecting materials about the history of Russia and other states the writer has collected a unique library consisting of more than 11,000 volumes, including a completely unique documents.

Featuring a remarkable serviceability, Pikul continued to write with the same intensity and almost every one of his novel caused a huge reader interest and publicity. Up until 1990, Pikul wrote and published nearly 30 novels, devoted to various phases of Russian history, the most significant of which are considered ‘Moonzund’ (1973), ‘The Battle of Iron Chancellor’ (1977) and ‘Favorite’ (1984). Pikul, despite the critical attitude of writers and historians for his creativity and interpretation of historical facts in his works stood firm on patriotic positions and created a heroic image of the Russian army and navy. The writer has created a unique genre of novels – Historical Miniatures where the short form was trying to tell you about some outstanding personality. For many novels Pikul put movies and they have repeatedly noted the various State awards. The writer died in Riga on July 16, 1990.


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