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Higher education (tertiary education) – training, continuing education in upper secondary final examination. To tertiary education are higher and higher vocational education Higher vocational education available to students with complete secondary education, completed the final examination. Bill Landsay shines more light on the discussion. The training system is almost identical with the system of higher education institutions, but at higher vocational schools spread Some rules sredneobrazovatelnoy system (vacation, a fixed schedule, etc.). Higher professional education enhances general and special knowledge, full-time training lasts 3 years including practice in medical and other professions to 3.5 years. Education ends "absolyutoriumom" specific exam in their chosen specialty, a practical examination and written work protected by the graduate – All this must be related to the studied skill. Along with "absolyutoriumom" students are given the title "graduate" (an abbreviation DiS. Is written after the name).

In the higher vocational schools training paid. knowledge base. Payment is usually ranges from several thousand to several tens of thousands of crowns a year. Higher education in the Czech Republic is available to all graduates from upper secondary education consummated (ie, passed the final exam) who successfully pass the entrance exam. The system of college entrance exams each independently establishes and verifies them the knowledge or the ability of applicants. Most universities in the Czech Republic has following accredited programs: Bachelor: it usually goes on a three-year majors in which students get a basic survey of highly fields. Students can at the end of the three years to complete the training by passing a state exam to the protection of bakalarvskoy work or continue their education at master's degree at which they will be more narrowly focused.

Masters: act as five years (or four or six years) as a two-year training or continuing education after the bachelor. Students receive training during a major survey of highly fields, and a certain level of specialization. In conclusion, students take required state exams and defend a thesis. Engineering: it concerns the technical and economic fields. After completing these types of higher education, some students continue to further deepen its specialization in the doctoral program. Completion of these programs are often caused by certain publications, and sometimes teaching. In higher education institutions in the Czech Republic, you can choose full-time (previous day), remote (before training in employment) form or a combination of both forms of learning (combined form). In addition to standard types of training institutions of higher learning offer other forms of education: retraining, Universities of the Third Age, education, aimed at obtaining educational qualifications, and others. Given the growing interest in some universities of the Czech Republic can complete the training program leading to the title of Master of Business Administration. Education has a problem orientation, the work takes place in teams that allow the real situation of practice. Students share experiences from their practice and their managerial knowledge and skills are growing rapidly. Since the quality of teaching had not guaranteed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training of the CR (as applies to universities), in 1998, was established Czech Association of Schools of MBA, which, when successfully passed the difficult accreditation process gives the program a certain "quality status".


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