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– This medicine (this detail, this book, etc.) you have more than others. – Probably. But we have a wholesale discount. – But you are buying not only that. And the other is cheaper – is it worth to go back and forth, or more profitable and easier to buy everything here, and at once? – But you are here. You wonder how much effort, time and money you need to get to where cheaper? – But we have a 100% no fakes. Whenever John Mclaughlin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And it's worth it. That is, we oppose balancing the scales, that says a client, then, in that he did have not yet noticed.

We emphasize that we need. Secondly, another point of view – and on the same. We offer a look at the proposal literally, on the other side. – This service (advertising, development of the brand, outsourcing of any kind, etc.) do not give our company. – Now you do it yourself – and hire additional staff.

And could, with our help, not only to solve the problem, but also legally reduce your taxes. – That's right, now you get along fine without it. This is a new investment that will bring your business to generate more revenue. This is just to just one more option that you should use. This approach also aims at shifting the focus of attention from the fact of what customers think now that for us is more acceptable. Thirdly, another important client in the hierarchy of values. Hopefully, for those who are engaged in sales, no need to explain what values exist, the pyramid (eg, Maslow).


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