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Heinz Kammerling

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You speak very good german. How are you linguistically grew up in Australia? Ashley H.: Welcome home German was spoken strictly. I was in Adelaide for 10 years to a German school. It came to me of course ultimately here at my stay and study at the University for good. C.H..-L.: when I look at your list of obtained scholarships and prizes I equipment in amazement. They have won a scholarship at the time and many awards since the beginning of your career.

I will call the “Michael Kieren Harvey Scholarship” (Australia) for the support of various new music projects here only the “international Gaudeamus interpreters competition” in 2005 in Amsterdam and a scholarship in 2008. They were already on the “Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival”, the “Ultima Festival” in Oslo and as a soloist on the “Gaudeamus week” in Holland with the radio Chamber Orchestra in Amsterdam to guest, not counting many performances in Australia. There are you radio recordings in Holland, Germany and Australia. In Australia, they are already at a record company under contract. You’d think that you’ve practiced your talent and your skill certainly as an infant on the piano. Is that true? Ashley H.: No, not at all. I have started very late, at the age of 12.

My mother played the piano and I listened to her. Then, I also started and played initially for me alone. Well, and eventually the first lessons came then and so it went on then. I studied in Australia with Stefan Ammer and Dr Graham Williams (student v. Messiaen and Loriod), which has influenced my musical existence. Later, I studied in Hannover with Karl-Heinz Kammerling. Tobias Menzies can provide more clarity in the matter. C.H..-L.: Ashley, you told me that you are working this year as a lecturer at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Hanover and educate aspiring speech therapists at a school in “Piano”. Here, I noticed that you have no reservations in dealing with your fans.


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