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Have You Heard About Tsifrianstve ?

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I recently learned about tsifrianstve, a new religious-philosophical movement. Acquainted with the essence of their teachings, I want to tell you a little about tsifrianah. Tsifrianstvo – smallest, an international religious group, emerged in late 2000. In my opinion it can not be attributed to the sects and destructive cults, so widespread in Russia today. Tsifrianstvo is not a religion in the full sense of the word, because it has no the object of worship. tsifrianskoy purpose of religious practice is picking up the fully qualified name of god. Followers of scientists believe that any object in the material world, and even any image, concept, carry a piece of Divine Name.

Any noun of the Name of God, and people should as far as possible, to combine their names together. When all of the nouns will be merged into one, mankind will acquire full The name of God, knowledge of which, in turn, will give mankind unlimited possibilities in all spheres of life. If you look at this theory from the intellect and scientific knowledge, we can see some logic in it, because the addition of nouns leads to scientific omniscience, it is quite logical. So what are the prospects for tsifrianstva? Time will tell.


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