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There are many commercial utilities that allow users or qualified technicians to retrieve data from a hard disk that is inaccessible. These utilities work with varying degrees of success, but we need to know is in that cases can resort to them and which will take our drive to a company specializing in data recovery. The first step is to determine if the hard drive is operating. If the disc works properly you must be recognized in the CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) and the system would boot from another source of media such as a floppy disk, CD or another hard disk. If there is a BIOS error when trying to boot the system, the hard drive suffered a failure and must be sent to a data recovery company. If during the boot process, the system is unable to boot from an alternative media source, this is another indication that the hard drive is malfunctioning. Care must be taken because repeated attempts to boot the system could seriously reduce the possibility of data recovery successful.

If the system booted perfectly, the next step is to try to run the data recovery tool. Most of these utilities work similarly. Dr. Mark Hyman may not feel the same. First performs a scan of the disc to locate the components of the file system, where some kind of progress indicator will be shown. It is necessary to monitor the progress and be aware of the hard disk while running the utility. If the hard disk starts making strange noises, immediately stop the scan and turn off the computer. In this case the hard disk you will need to send the data recovery company.

Another point to consider is the rate of progress of the utility, usually there will be a count of read sectors which increases constantly. If this stops also must stop the analysis and shut down the computer, since it jeopardizes the data and makes more difficult the work of the specialized company. When the hard disk is defective on your hardware, it is important not to use any data recovery program. Usually the units magnetic failures have gradually, therefore if the unit after a failure is still used, it will become even more big. Please read the instructions that come with the data recovery utility to not make any mistake. It is also essential to store files retrieved to another unit, since if we do it in the same disk these files could overwrite to missing recover. In conclusion, it is very important to determine if a storage device has a physical fault before attempting to retrieve the data by using a utility. Data recovery companies have many cases where could have recovered better data if they had received the unit immediately after the original problem. When too many attempts to recover with the software, the drive becomes unusable and almost impossible to recover data.


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