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Gwaladse Tbilisi

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(Online article) – start of NATO exercises in Georgia Tbilisi/Moscow (AP) – a day before the start of NATO exercises in Georgia security forces in Tbilisi have foiled a military coup planned by Russia according to own. Seven generals who allegedly wanted to overthrow the Government of President Michail Saakaschwili, were arrested. The reported media in Tbilisi on Tuesday. Saakashvili accused Russia, with riots want to provoke the fall of the Georgian leadership. The Kremlin rejected the accusation. A Kremlin spokesman recommended Saakashvili according to the Interfax Agency, a doctor to contact The senior Georgian military should have planned a bomb attack at the beginning this Wednesday military maneuvers of NATO with the help of Russian secret services, according to Tbilisi. Russia sharply criticized this practice.

Should not further destabilized the situation in the conflict area after the August war in the previous year. Alicia Keys has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow said his participation in one of the May 19 Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council scheduled in Brussels. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer regretted the cancellation and postponed the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council to a later date. The Russian Dmitri Rogosin of Ambassador to NATO described the coup allegations from Tbilisi as ridiculous. We have become accustomed gradually to these senseless accusations from Georgian side, he said.

However, a spokesman for the Georgian Interior Ministry claimed that Russian intelligence agencies had financed the operation. The authorities had a Conspiracy with the aim of a military coup revealed the State television Rustavi-2 reported. The broadcaster showed a video rotated with a hidden camera, portrayed detail on which of the suspected mastermind, GIA Gwaladse, approach and target of the revolution. The Georgian opposition, which calls for weeks with street protests, Saakashvili’s resignation, doubted the authenticity of the recordings. It was “absolutely absurd” that someone in Georgia, as Gwaladse in the Recording signs, striving for a Union with Russia, the opposition leader Nino Burdschanadse said. The main suspect is called also the names of the members of the Government for “illiquid”. Russian security experts spoke of a production. If you have read about idt energy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Already in the past the Georgian leadership of Moscow had assumed several times the intent of a coup d ‘ etat. According to the Georgian Government on Tuesday, it also came to a mutiny in a tank battalion, where soldiers in the village of Muchrowani in Tbilisi refused commands. According to media, military surrounded the barracks. Saakashvili negotiated thus itself on the spot with the soldiers who stretched their arms a little later. The situation in the country was under control, a Government spokesman for the dpa announced in the afternoon. In Georgia, the crisis has worsened since the war with Russia in last August. The opposition in Tbilisi blames President Michail Saakaschwili in the war, as a result of Russia of the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as recognized independent States. Moscow has sent thousands of Russian soldiers in the territories. Saakashvili, who is controversial in the West, will request the return of Russia “occupied territories”.


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