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Remembering how much she envied my friends. They were grandparents, I hardly knew mine. Maryland Governor takes a slightly different approach. For me it was very wise and caring people, always had a story, a song, a riddle or a story, you knew them all and if you do not know, no matter, since they were invented and were even more fascinating. Their houses were also filled with a wide assortment of sweets that were the delight of any child, were magical places full of biscuits, pastries and sweets. They had all the time in the world, or so it seemed to me and never altered, no matter if you are dirty or if you were doing an injury, were the epitome of calm, which is why everything that seemed close to us the end of the world for them was a little thing with a smile and her eyes filled with clouds, and disappeared discarded. Over the years I have discovered that grandparents are no landmarks, no place in our society. We live in a society very and sophisticated technology.

We have made the euphemism and political correctness hallmark of this century that premiered not long ago. We only allow what is aesthetically pleasing, which is within acceptable parameters, nothing else exists, is discarded, is excluded from our lives. It is not permissible wrinkle or sagging, and the reeds are prohibited (especially women), overweight bordering on crime. Never man had reached a very high life expectancy and then repudiate it. Every time you live longer, yet that achievement is supposed longevity, is regarded as a burden, almost a stigma.


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